Help Emergency!

Have you ever had an emergency and need help like NOW! Recently a relative of mine with schizophrenia had stopped taking her tablets. This spells disaster for those of us around her. She became very angry and dangerous, swearing calling my Brothers and Sisters b******s. And telling me to f*** off’. She was Paranoid and … Continue reading “Help Emergency”

Help hand-792920__480Have you ever had an emergency and need help like NOW! Recently a relative of mine with schizophrenia had stopped taking her tablets. This spells disaster for those of us around her. She became very angry and dangerous, swearing calling my Brothers and Sisters b******s. And telling me to f*** off’. She was Paranoid and convinced that we were conspiring to get her into care and sell her house. This is my experience in trying to get help quickly. I started by ringing her Doctor, a 20 minute wait being told that I am third in the queue. ‘Dial 3 for an emergency I am told’. Another 20 minute holding. I re-dialed and eventually got through to Reception. After explaining my relative’s condition I was told that because of patient confidentiality they couldn’t discuss another patient but a Doctor would call me. The doctor told me to call First Response.

I called First Response (a mental health response team) who told me they couldn’t do anything without the patient permission. The patient’s permission? we are talking about a person out of their mind with a metal condition! They wouldn’t talk to me without shouting and swearing never mind getting permission.

My relative had locked the door leaving me outside and was ignoring the phone. I decided to call 999 at last there was a voice that was willing to help me. The Police arrived twenty minutes later I was relieved at last to see someone willing to help. They forced entry and talked to my relative who on seeing me shouted ‘GET OUT OF MY HOUSE !’ my relative was taken over night by First Response (who reacted because the Police called them) and the Police to a local hospital. The Police told me it was best to go home and they would contact me on my Mobile.

The Police rang me later to say she was being assessed and that apart from my relative not taking the usual medication there was a possibility something else like a water infection. I rang the hospital the next morning to be told that because of confidentiality they couldn’t discuss another patient but that they had been released to go home!

I rang my relatives home number who said they been in over night and had seen a Psychiatrist told me to ‘bugger off’ and put the phone down. My relative was clearly in the same state of mind, had been released without even a phone call to me or any other relative.

By some stroke of luck or whatever it was my relative took their daily dose of medication went to bed and woke up feeling ‘back to normal’, so they told me on the phone. We now call on her every day not every two days to make sure that she has taken her daily medication. Catastrophe was averted by some stroke of luck and not our so called ‘emergency services’ for people with mental problems. Thanks to our Police force in times of emergency, that was the only real emergency support that I could count on.

Letter from Yorkshire

Letter from Yorkshire 30/07/2018

The momentum builds here for a second referendum! It amazes me that having had one referendum the wishes of the great majority can be ignored. Rather like other votes throughout Europe that keep the people voting until they return a vote that is acceptable to our EU bureaucrats. Government for the people by the people springs to mind. When did we lose democracy throughout Europe? The people have spoken, get on with it, for good or bad we want to be out of the clutches of the EU. Yes it’s been good for some countries with smaller economies, Ireland for example, but even there for the first time Ireland is putting more euro’s into the EU than it is receiving.

There are all types of scaremongering going on here from, we won’t be allowed to fly over Ireland and British pensioners won’t be able to draw their pension in France. Anyone disagreeing with a second referendum is seen as an extremist. The extremist’s on the remain side are overlooked and held up as the middle ground. Need an example? the right honourable Tony Blair, the champagne Socialist. How’s he getting on with the formation of his new party? Not exactly rushing to his flag are they? Here in Yorkshire the flag of St George is being replaced with flag of a White Rose… extreme?

20180617_121902 (1)
It’s not Blackpool is it?

On a recent weekend trip to Paris we were reassured that the Parisians opinion of the Brits remains as bad as ever. I made the foolish error of asking directions in English. The reply I received on the street to my ‘excuse me do you speak English’ was ‘Non!’ Later on at a street cigarette stall I was asked ‘why don’t you speak French.’ I apologised at my inadequacy and said to my Wife maybe I should hang a sign around my neck saying ‘I’m not English I’m Irish,

and I apologise for using a language you don’t like. I was disappointed at the reaction on the street but not surprised. I had been learning French before our weekend away but didn’t have the confidence at the time to use it. We were searching at the time for a specific Bus stop that would give us the tour of Paris. It was located near the Gare Du Nord so it was not difficult to find. We will return to Paris hopefully with a better command of the Language.
I didn’t get the chance to tell Parisians that I was born in Cork and having traced my family history we came over with the Normans, oh well maybe next time, they will then take me to their bosom, don’t hold your breath.

I leave you with a favourite picture of mine for ever in my mind, it was published in the Irish papers. The one and only Ronan O’Gara (from Cork) meeting the Queen or maybe the Queen requested seeing the great man himself… At a time where all about you seemed to be doffing their cap to her. ROG as he is known in Rugby circles is stood there hands in pockets showing his opinion. Look at the fear in the eye’s about him and Brian O’Driscoll trying to suppress a laugh.Yes he comes from rebel Cork and it’s not called rebel Cork for nothing… Till next time.

Last Irishman in Yorkshire 21/11/2016

So the weekend’s over, we’ve seen Strictly and the X Factor. 10 out of 10 for Tess and Claudia. 0 out of 10 for Simon, zero for that American who likes putting Yoghurt on her nose. Mrs O is a zero (can’t get her lines right). And the fellow Irish man who clap’s like a sea lion.

Deadlock, oh how they like deadlock. Couldn’t pull it off this week because someone fluffed their lines. Oh was it me? should I have said…their beginning to look a bit geriatric Simon. Then again he’s not far behind, probably thinking of the house in the Caribbean, with Sinetta at the Barbi, poor lass, as they say in these parts, (it’s raining here by the way).

But never mind the best soap by far is on soon. The main man is prowling, yes Phelan like a great big silverback. Just clock those eyes…you wouldn’t want him in a staring contest. But their lies Michael on a pallet, what a way to go, he was doing such a good job of being a thorn in Phelan’s side. Hold on what’s happened to the bank account Phelan, raided by his so called partner, well when you lay down with dogs…

Which brings me to Celebrity get me out of here, poor Martin, made the mistake of crowing in front of the ever-righteous Danny Baker. Shot down in a hail of words ‘when she say’s, yo do it’ is this the friendly voice from Saturday morning 5 live? Well if you listen in on Saturday’s he is always  right isn’t he?